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The PEURTC shall be internationally recognized as the excellent training provider  dedicated to produce top caliber and ethically sound  professionals in the field of funeral service  industry.

PEURTC  is committed   to provide first class education by training the students  in all aspects of funeral service.




The  PEURTC is continuously devoted to:

  1. Providing best mortuary science training center by ensuring students are learning in warm and friendly environment with instructors who care.

  2. Providing highly skilled and competent trainees that are service driven and ethically sound.

  3. Equipping the learners with updated content in  mortuary science,  funeral service  administration, and management

  4. Providing continuing education programs for professional embalmers

Core Values

  1. Openness and trust in all relationship

  2. Service oriented individuals

  3. Recognition for quality achievement through education

  4. Commitment to safety, employee health, and protection of the environment

  5. Respect for individual and appreciation for contribution each can make

  6. Employee pride and enthusiasm

  7. Diversity accepted and valued.


  1. To give students the knowledge, principles, techniques and skills which are the basis of the funeral service profession and also by creating an atmosphere conducive for learning;

  2. Intensify the instructional strategies/methodologiesand competence of teachers;

  3. Providing students with the opportunity to become proficient in basic and advance funeral service skills.

  4. Endow instructors and learners with positive values and attitudes in the field of mortuary science

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