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November 4, 2019  · 


Untold Tales 2019 - THE CORPSE PRESERVER

Most of the working class interact and collaborate with their workmates every single day to produce what is needed for their jobs. But, there is a work that contrasts the routine of the majority of employees. For this work, an individual must have a strong endurance and dedication to be able to stay and face the dead. This is the unusual job of an embalmer.

Ronro – a licensed embalmer – together with two embalming students, share their journey in taking the path of the embalming profession. Know their stories on why they chose the extraordinary track of preserving and beautifying a corpse.

PEURTC @ Pilipinas News
TV5 October 28, 2013

GMA News TV Channel 11

Published on Oct 21, 2012!

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